I’m still not entirely convinced that Sonia Fulop exists. No mere mortal could have spotted the flaws in our manuscript that she did. She is, in my mind, a sort of Jeeves sent to save clumsy authors from themselves.

Paul Bauer, Archer’s Books

Sonia, everything looks wonderful. I am thrilled with how the manuscript has turned out. Thank you so much for your help. Your work exceeded my expectations and significantly improved the book. You are a superb editor. I hope to be able to work with you again. . . . I will definitely be recommending you to colleagues.

Jason Mazzone, Gerald Baylin Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to you for your wonderful work. Your excellent editing significantly improved the final product, making it more polished, smooth, and pleasant to read. Your questions to me as an author strengthened the analysis. Your thoroughness caught slip-ups or errors. Simply put, I believe that you have contributed greatly to what is now, I think, an outstanding book.

Gordon S. Barker, assistant professor of history, Bishop’s University

I have a rigorous enough screening process that I rarely find myself working with editors who aren’t competent. In working with those who I know are competent, what frustrates me most, and makes my job more difficult, is carelessness. The opposite of “careless” is “careful,” but “careful” doesn’t begin to describe Sonia Fulop’s editing. Preparing a ms for composition is vastly easier when I have complete confidence in the copy editor’s work and thus in the editorial integrity of the ms, and that is a rare occurrence. I can say without qualification that Sonia is the best and most confidence-inspiring editor I have worked with in my thirty-two years in the business. I wish I could keep her on retainer.

—Eric Newman, managing editor, Fordham University Press

Thanks for your splendid work. You are a beloved name in Hemingway circles!

—Joanna Craig, former assistant director/editor-in-chief, Kent State University Press

Just want to let you know that the journal authors are all madly in love with Sonia. They are all writing back enthusiastic notes about the excellence of the copy editing and how much improved their articles are.

—Carol Massat, assistant professor, Jane Addams College of Social Work

Thank you for doing such a remarkable editing job. . . . I am so happy with your work and very much hope that we get to work together again in the near future.

—Felice Batlan, assistant professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

With great thanks—this would not have been possible (or readable) without you.

—Charles McGuire, assistant professor of musicology, Oberlin College

Thank you so much for the copy edit Sonia. You did a beautiful, amazing and effective job.

—Karen Gerdes, associate professor of social work, Arizona State University