I have experience working with a variety of publishers, academics and other writers who are preparing manuscripts to be submitted to journals and traditional publishing houses, researchers working on grant proposals, and non-native English speakers. My goal is to help you develop your ideas and articulate them in your unique voice as clearly and as effectively as possible, and I consider it a privilege to be allowed into the author’s writing process. I was trained in Chicago and AMA styles and also work in MLA and APA, as well as a variety of hybrid house styles. I offer the following services:

  • Copyediting
  • Substantive editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Project management
  • Rewriting
  • Fact checking
  • Manuscript analysis

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Writers and Scholars

As the publishing industry undergoes massive changes and enters what has been called “the new age of publishing,” and publishers’ focus and emphasis shift from editing to marketing, it has become increasingly important for authors to take a proactive approach to ensuring the quality of their published work. Hiring a professional editor is a way of investing in yourself and your career (particularly if you are a graduate student, a postdoc, or tenure-track faculty). Whether you are in the beginning stages of writing and need help organizing your thoughts and structuring your argument or you simply want someone to fix any grammar, syntax, and spelling errors; check your references; and ensure the logic of your argument as well as the text’s overall consistency and clarity before you send your manuscript to a publisher or agent, I can offer editorial guidance to help you make your writing the best it can possibly be and to maximize the likelihood that your work will be accepted for publication.

Professionals and Businesses

You’re not a writer and you’re not in academia, so why do you need the services of an editor? Because editing is a form of quality control that businesses and professionals cannot afford to forgo. In any industry, the written word is the primary medium through which most communication takes place, which means that you are often judged by the public and your peers based on the quality of your writing. When you communicate with colleagues, clients, and prospective clients, you want your message to be persuasive, to be easily understood, and to come across in a professional and polished manner—something that is often much easier said than done. Flawless, concise writing can enhance your credibility and cultivate favorable impressions of you and your company. I can help you achieve this.

Self-Publishing Authors

Self-publishing no longer has the questionable reputation that it once had, and because of the benefits that it offers, many authors are choosing this option over the more traditional avenues to publication. In exchange for the control and freedom that an author gains from the choice to self-publish, he or she must invest a great deal of time and energy in the publishing process and assume responsibility for a number of tasks that authors who work with publishers do not have to worry about. In addition to making sure that your work meets the same high editorial standards that it would be required to meet if it were being published by a traditional publishing house, I can help you navigate the journey of self-publishing.